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Hardehausen 2011 or Why I love JG

Hardehausen 2011

or Why I love JG



Frohes Neues Jahr!

Just quickly this time – the new year has begun and it’s lot of work to do! Famous Hardehausen meeting for the first time. The school of democracy. Debates till midnight, every voice equal. Sometimes even equal in the content. Plans, organization things, plans, organization theings… All in the language that I still not understand good. And in GJE – the wind of change is blowing. The generational shift. 5 new people in Vorstand! Wow! I wish to congratulate the new ones! And sad “thank you!” for the older ones, the ones for whom the time has passed already…;)





It was also time of fun. New Years Eve Party was great! To be with all the movie

and TV stars in one room – it was an honour. Before – the volleyball clash of titans.

As a AkWO man I have in the volleyball game partially lost… but also partially won!

The fight was rough! The fans were screaming! The sweat was everywhere!

But the champion of the Hardehausen world is only one… But only for one yaer!!

And there was also good time with JG. Why I love them so much? They are young

and creative. They sing good and play nice the instruments. They are of course

a little boring, but it could changes in a future. They are relaxed and easygoing.

They joke cruel way at it reminds me of my Olsztyn group. Yes, they are evil.

And they are pure goodness at a same time. The angels and the devils…



But there is New Year - new hopes and new illusions.

And not much time! Let’s work people! The time has come!

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