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España in Düsseldorf

1 Euro, 10 secundos, 2 mundo

Düsseldorf in winter time changes a lot.
There is not much open spaces here, so
the few sunny moments are likely to pass you by.
The wind like the narrow streets,
and as an alien gentelman
- he walks but never run.
The river changes it colours,
the water melts and darken.
People in the dark afternoons
leave the river alone, and
like the swarm of moths
rushes to the glimping lights
of shops and christmas markets.
That'a a bit of Düsseldorf in winter.

How to get out from cold season?
How to shine a bit more, Düsseldorf?
Just try to notice the warm descantes of your streets!

What do they say?
What melody they sing?
What music plays in profundo?

Musica en lo más profundo de mi corazón,
you say,
Sabe Dios qué angustia te acompañó,
you try to feel,
and you start to sing:

Cambia el clima con los años,
that I see...
cambia el pastor su rebaño,
but I'm staying here!
y así como todo cambia,
can I want that?
que yo cambie no es extraño,
feels familiar to me...

(As I've walked out Polish Institute,
I've turned the small street,
where the small man was playing
his great music.
Sitting with a guitar,
in a bulky, dark winter coat,
he was singing with fingers,
with all the strings fastly beaten,
as he played the melody of slowness.
In the small street,
he played the spanish melody,
bringing back the warm night of air,
which brings the touch of southern sun,
and the smell of salt from the sea.
For ten seconds,
for one euro,
he changed the world around,
translated the air and the walls,
into something shimmering and close.
He ended up the winter
not with a magical power,
but by bringing the awareness of
the continous change of things.
I've gave him one euro and silent gracias.
And a short smile.
Is it enough?
While the words comes only later...) 

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