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Homo ludens germanicus; oder der Deustch Weltschmerz

Die Deutsche Schlager and the souls of Germans. Huurz!!



11.11.11. at 11:11 here in Düsseldorf the carneval party will beginn. Karneval? In November? It´s usually in November or so… Even in crazy Rio de Janeiro they organize it at proper time of year. But those Germans… They say that 11 is a carnival number, so there is a need to celebrate. So tomorrow, while they will gonna start the celebrations I will be sitting in office and thinking about magical numbers (3, 7, 69, 333 – halfway to hell, 665 – almost there, and more) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBGhZIefzJ0


But Germans are not only carnival beasts. They have also invited Weltschmerz (world-pain or world-weariness; Jean Paul, the German writer, used this term for the first time). Firstly, Weltschmerz is nothing like Kopfschmerz , it´s nothing like physical pain. It does not treat body directly. It´s psychological pain caused by sadness, depression, apathy, melancholy and eating too much jelly sweets (all of which are typical German). It starts while realizing that someones weaknesses are caused the inappropriate and cruelty of the world, it´s evil and absurd. Famous Werter from Gothe´s novel had also this problem… And he ended up very badly. But the Weltschmerz is little more common for older people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYye2GsHuEI And for the Germans!


Carnival beasts… Some will say that those Germans are boring, obeying he rules and regulations, not being spontaneous… But sometimes it´s not true! My first weekend here already made me think about party side of people here. When you see 1000 people dressed up like zombies and vampires, walking, shouting, roaring and making stupid jokes on the streets of old town… You will never believe in those stereotypes any more! Sometimes its´s enough to go crayzy if they put too much sugar in cofe or pepper to green salad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQhwE_DtCto . Whooho!! Das ist verrückt!


Is there any cure to Weltschmerz? Some will say there is no such a medicine. And that´s correct. But there is one medicine that could help for a while – forgetting. And Germans know that play and fun is the best way not to feel Weltschmerz for some time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smh834dsYu8 The Dutch cultural theorist Joahn Huizinga has shown that there is very significant element of culture is the elemnet of play, of joy and fun. This element always presupposes society. And it´s common for all cultures – he called people even homo ludens (man of play). This element makes the culture and society existing for the homo ludens. Play exists side by side with social order and give people holidays from everyday rules. Play is freedom, something other than “ordinary” life and it´s also distinct from it. It creates new order (rules of play) and is not connected with material interst. And Germans are so. Homo ludens germanicum.


So, the Germans are surrounded by everyday rules, regulations and moral gaze of the others. But they find they peaceful escape in carnival. And it´s music. Especially in carnival music. So called Deutsche Schlager symbolizes the thousand years of German carnival traditions. http://piotras1974.wrzuta.pl/audio/7rEcQBvICiC/oliver_lukas_-_noch_in_hunderttausend_jahren


It´s the most important piece of play element in German culture. It brings laugh and forgetting. The Weltschmerz goes away while you listen to those sweet melodies. Some will criticize, claim that this music is silly and easy. They do not feel the curing power of it. Those catchy tunes are supposed not to educate but to heal the German soul. Few beers, dance and Deutsche Schlager and you will gonna forget about the pain, the sadness, about the cruelty of the world and your own weaknesses. And you could feel like a new person. Germans start to flirt (http://marcin85pila.wrzuta.pl/audio/74HkBHJMg6T/mickie_krause_-_schatzi_schenk_mir_ein_foto) , they play, wear funny costumes, go crazy and silly. Than they could also be more honest and sincere and heroes alike. Say what they want not being imprisoned by moral and social regulations. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6spxuBiu1d8)


It is important to realize that die Deutsche Schlager bind people together. It decides about German solidarity. It makes people more equal and more free. Without Deutsche Schlager the German society could not longer exists (it would explode from the social tensions in common life). Without songs like this - http://mango103.wrzuta.pl/audio/35gGN1lVUuS/dj_oetzi_und_nik_p._-_ein_stern_...der_deinen_namen - and without carnival German souls would only act like sheeps waiting for the big bad wolf of Weltschmerz to come!



If someone will say: “So, the Germans have got any great musical art culture!” – he will be wrong! It´s one of examples of German genius. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAx0P-8n5K4

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