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Berliner Freiheit

Berliner Freiheit. The lessons of inner freedom.
















copyright Lukasz Przybylak



Seventh day of the never ending EVS Seminar in Wustrow. Every day
training, discussion, fun and lack of sleep. And it means less space for
your thoughts. But it comes Berlin without a guide. The city that could
teach you important things when you manege to find it's freedom.

So, what I actually have learned from Berlin?

That Berlin has the street named after Berliner Freiheit. But like all
freedom - it's small and not easy to find.

That you could protest in the front of the national parliament with
furry teddy bear in your hand.

That you could sleep under the tree in the bright light of an october day.
And that in this light dreams shine brighter. Even if you are in the middle
of massive city.

That you could navigate city only with the sun and Alexanderplatz Fernsehenturm.

That is easier to find your way when you are lost in the streets.

That sometimes memory could be totalitarian and inprison present tense.
And overcoming it means to protest with the terms of future perfect.
It opens you once again.

That to learn something general or objective you need to transform it
into the language of your subjective Erlebniss.

That the meaning of Shoah, sometimes abstract for everyday meanings,
you could find in only one but tragic life. That when you are walking
between the high tombstones of Holocaust Memorial, you could put
yourself into the position of others tragic life. For me it was Paul Celan.
All life being shadow by high stones of memory, meeting passing by
people only with a short glimpse or one sound.
And that you can go outside this labirynth, while real Celan had found
his exit only in a suicide. Dein ashenes Haar Sulamith.

That you are able to rid off all heavy past but you will also be confused
if there is something that better not to leave behind.

That Berlin never wanted to be Central European city. The monument of
Saint George from 1850 on Spree bank, withe beastial dragon, furious
horse and unnatural in eyes of might saint winneing over the dragon
does not remind of most Central Europeans monuments you could find in
cities and towns there. The memory reminds that is also a Saint George
in Tirgu Mures in Romania- the skinny creature killing fat mosquito with

That you could fell in love with a beautiful girl just in the moment you
have spotted her on the street. And in the same minute live all your life
together... Just only to forget her minute later. But also taking all the best
from this imagined affair.

That thye lovers could fight for minutes without a word. Only with
all memories and feelings they have earned which makes this fight lasts for
hours, days and years. And also that that in the other time the lovers
could establish peace only with a short kiss which also has its share in

That you can sell the world only for the beauty of her blonde hair.

That the only way to ease your mind is to find the inner peace in you.
And that it's useless to look it enywhere else. Wenn man seine Ruhe nicht
in selbst findet, ist es zwecklos, sie woanders zu suchen.
(F. de La Rochefoucould)
That you need to be brave to be sincere with yourself.
And that's the only way for you to achive it is to realize yourself that
everything could be easily different. Better or worse you are living and acting
only in one of possible worlds.
That is the only way to find that healing distance. Berliner Freiheit.

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