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EVS Blog 2011 Teil 2

Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.
KANT’s theory of good life.



For Maulwurf and Rittersport



Quadratisch? Square? Kwadratowy? Whoa? In mathematical sense? Of course not. Only if you take word crazy/verrückt/szalony jak Kasia Dowbor and exponetiate (whoa??) it - ok, it would work with me and a square. But the other way round like kantig/kańciasty? Yeah, we are closer now. Kant and philosophy? Kantian ontology (which equal epistemology)? No, rather KANTian ontology. The ontology of KANT. Ok. We need to start. I don’t want to kantować was/reinlege euch (und nicht abkanten!)/ cheat on you any more. Ok, maybe just not now.

Try to imagine the world without circle and round shapes. The cars with quadratic wheels would move like disabled. Going somewhere even by foot would be uneasy. Before you start you need to count the angles on your way from A to B because you will be not able to turn on the round lines! And many many more of that! It would be horrible!

So, why praktisch? No it looks like qudratisch is not praktisch/practical/praktyczny, is it? I just want to say that my life here for now is praktisch and quadratisch. Qudratisch in the sense of some obstacles in my communication with the Germans in their own language (I speak the sentences without the round shapes which our ears like so much; and the way I spell the words sometimes cause somepai in german ears). Quadratisch in a sense of uneasiness of everyday life – to which shop I should go to buy the best Maultaschen? Why I cold not buy painkillers in drogeries like Schlecker or Rossmann (Rossmann makes it easier, because you could always buy a wine there)? And how I should part my garbage to be pro-ecological? And also my flat is squared too. And our office, where the round shapes merely exists…

All together it works gut/good/dobrze. The practical part of life works my way. Maybe later I will be concerned with higher ground… But after two weeks here in D’dorf it feels good like that. I suppose that the Germans would like to use abstract ideals in their way of seeing life. But the Kantian Categorical Imperative/ Kategorischer Imperativ/Imperatyw Kategoryczny does not work good in real life when you need to chose quickly and manchmal in very complicated circumstances (but I need to say that most of the Germans looks like they very practical). So I choose KANTian imperative and live uncomplicated and good. And maybe with time it will go more round and round…

If somebody does not like to read I have prepared the video instructions to the text.
So, when I speak with Germans it looks like that:

or like that:

I would also thank you to owner of this image for inspiration:
http://www.willipedia.net/tag/ritter-sport - the Bayerische one


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