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EVS Blog 2011 Teil 1

Neue Freiwiliger, neue Blog... Viel spaß!! ;)




Mein Koffer ist gepackt; almost is... I need to sit on it
to close it, actually. My small backpack, full of things,
looks like it would burst out. Altogether - almost 40 kilo.
Is there everysthing I need? Did I forget about something then?
I've tried to put some more of my life into the pockets,
but it would never fits in... And I do not mean things by that.
Just the life in all of it's complexity.

One day or another - you will stand in front of the changes.
Is it a new life or just a break from the old one? Or is it both?
You will never now until it's over... So, open up for the new!

One year in Düsseldorf - here I go! At Dortmund airport my friend
is waiting for me. The other friend awaits me at my new flat.
Good start! But I still count the friends I've left...

"The longest bar in the world"? Truly, in the time of my first
Wochenende it truly looks like that! It's sunny and warm and in
die Altstadt then are loads of people. The human river flaws
with drinks in hands and a smile on the faces. Bu on the street
I will live, narrow and quiet, I see people in other colours.
And yes, I fear them a little - will find the words to communicate?
Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.
The flat is ok, I see the good times coming. And let's say it's
puritan. And that's good! I wan this year to be my working year.
Work for AkWO, for the people I love;and work for myself, I want
to write and learn languages.

...First day at work. I listen and learn. Who are we? What we do?
For whom? What's our motivation? I'm 25, feeling already 26. I know
a bit - I was the younger one already participating in AkWO projects.
And now it's time to step further - I will take some care of
the younger ones and I would like to help in the meetings.

First thing - I need to fill the calendar for the rest of the year.
AkWO things, youth meetings, EVS training week (10 days!), new
project meeting... I hope I will meet all of you now and then!

Second one - in office working. Computers, papers, mind storms...
It's getting hot in here! I need a break sometimes. But it's good
- I could chat with Hanna. Fisrt she is my friend. Second, she is
my boss. I think it works good!

Third thing - languages. Translating, speaking, writing... Polish,
Englisch and German (with dictionary). In the end of the day,
I don't know how to build a correct sentence in any of those languages...
so...now...bleble...arghjblm...ich...skończę...to write...

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