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EVS - Travel back to the Past and the Present

Even though since the Carnival celebration here in Düsseldorf already passed some time, it is still in my head. Every time I hear traditional German music all the memories from the great Carnival period in March are coming back. It was really interesting to see how Germans (and not only them) celebrate almost 1 week long Carnival.


This time finally I have got a nice costume – I looked a bit like one of my favourite Dubstep music style DJ's – with huge black afro hair, kind of disco style and colourful clothes. I also celebrate the Carnival for almost a whole week, some days starting even from the early morning. One great thing was also that two of my friends came to visit me on this time – one from Lithuania and another one from Belgium! So we enjoyed Carnival in really fun international team, also together with Germans. Image

Afterwards there was a time to go to my EVS Mid-term Seminar, which actually did not leave some special impression. Probably it was helpful for those volunteers who've got problems and conflicts at their projects. Otherwise – it was a bit boring and we (volunteers) felt like we are already here in Germany for some time and we know better how we can help ourselves and what is going on in our projects. It also didn't look like a mid-term reflection. Anyway the good thing was that I met some people from my region (Köln – specifically). And most surprisingly...the Lithuanian girl, with whom we finished the same faculty at our University in Lithuania! What the coincidences can appear in life! :)

Image Straight after this seminar I took my long awaited holidays and started a round trip threw 5 different European countries and my past.. My aim was to meet long time no seen Erasmus friends from studies in Portugal. So I packed my backpack and left for whole two weeks. The travel looked like this: Brno (Czech Republic) - Bratislava (Slovakia) - Vienna (Austria) – Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Zagreb (Croatia).

As I said I met my friends which I didn't see for 2 years, we spent a beautiful time together. And I got to know a bit from each of so many countries. They all looked so different even though they are close. For example it was so interesting to see that Bratislava, the life there and their culture differ so much from Vienna, which is only about 50 km away! Image

The best I liked Brno (even though I spent only one day there) and Ljubljana! Ljubljana seemed small, but cozy, alternative and for me like an exotic city. My friends laughed at this :) And Vienna, for instance, left a big impression in the sense that it is a huge, clean and “everything in order” city, but I did not feel attached to it. Also I would say I felt the spirit of former aristocratic culture. In all those cities I always stayed at my friends' places, but in Zagreb first time all alone I experienced the advantages of Couch Surfing. At the end I can say, even though it was holidays, it was so intensive that I needed another holidays after coming back to Düsseldorf.

Image In April at work we have got huge German-Polish youngsters' meeting specially for Eastern time (Jugenbegegnung and Ostertagung in Freckenhorst) with the topic “Humour”. I was in the team for the first part of the meeting and especially responsible for organizing a whole day in Düsseldorf for the participants. I did the guided tour threw the city and I believe participants got a good impression of our Düsseldorf. Also we visited “Haus des Karnevals” there, WDR in Köln and “Haus der Geschichte” in Bonn. The second meeting part was held in Freckenhorst, in the place which looked like a castle. There we had a guest expert informing us about surprising things related to Humour in society, tasks related to our topic, etc. And thanks for the sky “he” was sunny those days.. :)

Right now at the moment in Düsseldorf I am looking for a new German language courses, enough often playing Capoeira and enjoying the sunny times! Just still playing Cajon needs to be learnt...




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