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EVS – Intercultural and German “Leben”

It has been long time I haven't uploaded here any news, even though some really interesting things had happened. First of all, I would like to reflect about my first EVS On-Arrival Seminar, which took place at the end of October 2010 in Würzburg. That seminar really left good impressions: was interesting, worthwhile and needed at the beginning of our EVS year.

Image I can say the program was really well prepared until the details, which gave us lots of understanding and useful information about EVS, Germany, etc. Even though the seminar was 10 days long, we (volunteers) were enough busy and not bored at all. There I met many cool people, even though it's a pity they were not from my region of North-Rhine-Westfalia. With some of them we still keep the contact, even though it is difficult enough to do it when you are not seeing each other. Even though we planned to meet each other, it's not working the way we thought :) Image

Straight after this seminar I experienced my first longest trip on the bus ever going to Kreisau (Krzyzowa) in Poland for a Leadership Training seminar. There we had Aktion West-Ost meeting with German and Polish people which took place in great nature with accomodation in a former castle (no joking). At the end of November another meeting (by GJE group) was held in Berlin with the topic “Mauer” (The Wall). Even though I was already once in Berlin in summer time, I got to know more about German history and nowadays issues creating the walls between different countries and even different people. I also spent there some additional days on my own meeting the old friends from the past Erasmus times.

Image Talking about the German culture, I experienced extremely great Carnival spirit while celebrating it in Köln with my tutor Katha. At the beginning I did not expect something really special and therefore I did not make many efforts to take care about interesting costume for myself. Anyway the opening party starting at 11.11 am on the 11th November for Carnival season was huge, crowded and great, we celebrated for approximately 10 hours without the break. The music was traditional and typical for all Germany and also exactly for Köln city. Afterwards I promised for myself that the next time (that means in March) I am going to have really cool Carnival costume! :) Image

Also what has to be mentioned here without any doubts, is that I started my intensive German language course at the beginning of December at the main University of Düsseldorf, which was supposed to take 3 months and was really really intensive. I am happy it really helped and I already can speak German! That's what we are already doing in the office with Hanna all the time and me, personally, with my German friends. In this course I also met some great people from Cyprus, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Georgia, Ukraine etc., what this time really leaded me to extreme inter-cultural learning regarding such the things as different cultural understandings and mentality, tolerance, acceptance or more ordinary things as different food, traditions and so. We are still trying to meet occasionally with some girls and cook typical food of ours. The last time we did – was Korean style sushi! :)

Image Nevertheless the time was passing by and I even did not realize when my birthday had come! 10th of December. Only I can say – I did not expect to be that good birthday celebration, which I had. New country, only few new people - but we had a great time, I believe:) Some of those people were related to my work, some – Erasmus students, some interns and local students.

Afterwards there was already the time to go home to Lithuania for Christmas holidays. I was really looking forward, especially that my mother had her jubilee of 50 years old. I also met my old friends in Lithuania, was definitely great, but... there is a “but”... I did not feel I belonged there any more, something was missing, was different and not for me any more, so therefore I was just happy about coming back to Germany again...! :)







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