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Berliner Freiheit

Berliner Freiheit. The lessons of inner freedom.
















copyright Lukasz Przybylak

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EVS Blog 2011 Teil 2

Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.
KANT’s theory of good life.


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EVS Blog 2011 Teil 1

Neue Freiwiliger, neue Blog... Viel spaß!! ;)


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EVS – Intercultural and German “Leben”

It has been long time I haven't uploaded here any news, even though some really interesting things had happened. First of all, I would like to reflect about my first EVS On-Arrival Seminar, which took place at the end of October 2010 in Würzburg. That seminar really left good impressions: was interesting, worthwhile and needed at the beginning of our EVS year.

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EVS - Travel back to the Past and the Present

Even though since the Carnival celebration here in Düsseldorf already passed some time, it is still in my head. Every time I hear traditional German music all the memories from the great Carnival period in March are coming back. It was really interesting to see how Germans (and not only them) celebrate almost 1 week long Carnival.


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