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We are looking for a volunteer from the Czech Republic
14th September 2020 – 14th September 2021

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I think I’ve heard of this ESC, but what exactly is it?

Every year, thousands of young people in Europe choose to live elsewhere for a period of time, taking part in the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme: They learn new languages, gain experience in a new professional field, get involved in society, test their abilities and expand them - while having a lot of fun opportunities to get to know new people and learn about different cultures. All this is possible as part of the official European Solidarity Corps programme, funded by the European Commission.

Ok, and what is Aktion West-Ost?

Aktion West-Ost is an organisation involved in building understanding between cultures by inviting volunteers to explore new facettes of themselves through international youth work. We are a non-governmental organisation working in the field of extracurricular international youth interaction focussed on Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, we are the umbrella organisation of four Catholic youth associations (Junge Aktion der Ackermann-Gemeinde, Gemeinschaft Junges Ermland, Junge Grafschaft and Adalbertus-Jugend). We manage not only youth exchanges but also trainings, language courses and other international projects that take place either in Germany or in one of our partner countries. In the past years, we’ve been cooperating with youth groups and associations from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. Our projects focus on mutual intercultural exchange of ideas about the society, culture and politics of the participating countries. Language animation games give us brief insights into the different languages. We never forget about sightseeing, sports or music during all our events. We aim to lower prejudices and overcome the boundaries between East and West through personal contacts and our shared experiences.
You can always read more about us, our projects, and our history on our website.

Got it. What tasks will I have?

As a volunteer, you work 35 hours a week, mostly in our office. Your service will be from 14th September 2020 until 14th September 2021. Your responsibilities: assistance in the office; communication with international partners; translating texts; social network assistance; public relations; support, help and participation in the international projects, youth exchanges, language tandems, trainings and workshops.
In addition, you will participate in two seminars where young volunteers from all over Europe who are doing similar services in Germany will meet, but also in other events and seminars where you can improve your skills.

What else does being a volunteer for Aktion West-Ost entail?

You will live in Düsseldorf, where the office of Aktion West-Ost is located. We will find a place to live for you. Each month, you get money for food and a little extra pocket money. You can also attend a German language course, which we can arrange for you. The costs for the trip to Düsseldorf and back home will be reimbursed. You will also have insurance through the EU programme. We'll take care of all the arrangements for you!

What skills should I have in order to become a volunteer? PhD and five languages mastered?!

Not really. Most importantly, we want our volunteer to be internationally-oriented, responsible and willing to learn!
You can become our volunteer, if you...
• are between 18 and 30 years old
• know at least the basics of the German language and are willing to expand your knowledge
• are interested (and maybe even already experienced?) in international youth work
• like to travel (there will be quite a bit of travel - as long as it's possible and advisable under the current circumstances...)
• are open and sociable

Last but not least: What can I personally gain from this year?

Apart from having a life-changing experience of living on your own in a foreign country, you will develop quite a number of important competences:
• You’ll learn how to plan youth exchanges and children's projects from beginning to end.
• You’ll develop your networking by getting new contacts of possible future international partners or close friends.
• You’ll master your management skills regarding your own learning and the evaluation of your self-education outcomes.
• You’ll get to know what cultural expression is. We truly appreciate the importance of the creative expression of ideas, experiences and emotions.
• You´ll improve and develop your interpersonal, intercultural and social competences. Your ability to communicate with people of different backgrounds, ages, nationalities etc. You will learn to deal with conflict in a constructive way – a skill that's truly needed everywhere.
• Communication in foreign languages. It’s not only about German classes and office paperwork in different languages. You will interact with Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian and (obviously) German people at work and with many other nationalities in your free time – Düsseldorf is very international, so you’ll surely master your intercultural communication both language-wise and mentality-wise!
• You’ll learn more about history, politics and culture in Germany and the whole of Europe!

Being a volunteer in general – and with Aktion West-Ost specifically – is a huge opportunity for professional and personal growth. If you are truly motivated to apply for our ESC programme, we are willing to teach you all we know from our practical experience and are delighted to have you participate in all of our diverse cultural and international activities.

Wow, that’s basically me! How do I apply?!

We need a CV and letter of motivation.
Please send it until 15th July 2020, in English or German, to:
We are looking for you!

Your Aktion West-Ost team:)